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Now you can give to charity with an amount that works for you. Sign up to donate your spare change and make a big difference.


Change is an online and mobile platform you can access anywhere. Our donation round-ups also work with any transaction you make globally.


Showing others you are making an impact is important. Change allows you to share a donation snapshot with your social media network so others know you support important social causes. It may also encourage them to do the same, and together we can make a big difference.

News hub.

Change is a hub for all the news and updates you care about from the charitable causes you care about. At the touch of a button you can now see the impact of your donated dollars.

How it works

Choose your cause

Select the cause that matters to you from our list of charity partners. Change partners with charities that make a real impact.

Link Your Bank

Safely and securely enter your bank account and card details. Your personal login information is never viewed, but is encrypted and securely stored.


Select how you want to donate. You can round-up to the nearest dollar, donate a fixed amount per transaction, or give just once if you like. Change is about giving the right amount for you.

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